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Back in the Saddle

Hey y’all!

First of all, let me apologize for the very long sabbatical I’ve taken from this blog. Not that anyone REALLY cares much about this blog, but since I’ve moved down to the South, I find myself with a new found sense of hospitality, so apologies all around. Seriously, I could really get used to this whole “saying hi to random strangers on the street thing”. It’s oddly comforting. Having a 3-bedroom house with a front porch and a backyard for less money than I was paying in New York a’int too shabby either.

I’m currently honing a fancy mint julep recipe in honor of my new surroundings, which will be here soon, but for now, I’ve been working on some other beauties that I think are pretty scrumptious. Here’s one now!

Did I mention that I have a front porch? Somehow a front porch makes a cocktail taste that much better.

I call this one The Oliver Cromwell (more about that in a second).

The Oliver Cromwell

*3 parts Jameson (I know. I really enjoy making drinks with Jameson. Don’t you?!)
*1 part Domain de Canton (delicious ginger liqueur, if you haven’t tried it – great with Prosecco too!)
*3 parts seltzer (I REALLY suggest using raspberry flavored seltzer – I’m really into this in cocktails lately, and I promise it works)
*2 parts limeade (I use Simply Limeade – it’s fantastic)
*1 part Hibiscus soda syrup (check out P & H Soda Co. – they do great work and their stuff works really well in cocktails)
*1/2 part lemon juice
*1/2 part lime juice
*Few dashes Peychaud’s Bitters

It’s a great, refreshing, summer drink that definitely goes down a little too easily. And it’s pretty to look at too!

Now, about the name. Hibiscus is also known as Sorrel in Jamaica, and amazingly enough, when I was trying to come up with a name for this drink, I stumbled across a fascinating fact and some fascinating history to go along with it. Perhaps some of you are smarter than me and knew this already, but apparently the second largest ethnic group in Jamaica is people of Irish heritage. It all stems from when Oliver Cromwell captured Jamaica in the mid-1600s. He imported tens of thousands of Irish slaves from English-controlled Barbados to work in Jamaica, which is why today, you find towns with such surprising names in Jamaica as Irish Town and Belfast. I’d get more into the history, but it just kind of gets depressing – Cromwell was an asshole!

Anywho, I’m signing off for now, but hey, you got a history lesson along with a delicious new cocktail! I feel like I’ve grown as a person.

More soon! And thanks.