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Simply delicious

Just a quick one here while I’m still off galavanting in Atlanta. Although I’m not really galavanting. Kind of just strolling. But I felt like galavant and Atlanta together had a nice ring to it.

ANYwho, before I left Savannah, I whipped up this delicious little simple syrup recipe.

Simple Syrup Jar

It’s spicy, sweet and totally tasty. I haven’t tried it in any cocktails yet, but that’s coming soon, I promise. Here’s how to whip it up.

Simple & Spicy

*1/2 cup white sugar
*1/2 cup water (filtered, preferably)
*1 tsp cumin
*1 tsp ground ginger
*15 drops of Sriracha

Heat the sugar and water in a small pot until the sugar dissolves. Throw in the cumin, ginger and Sriracha, and just simmer for as long as you please. The more simmering you do, the more the spices will infuse the syrup. When you’re satisfied, take it off the heat and let it cool – you might want to give it a few stirs while it’s cooling – and then store it in the fridge in your favorite container. I, for one, love how it looks in those adorable Bonne Maman jars.

Simple Syrup Sealed

That’s it! Super easy and super delicious. I’m off to the Sweetwater Brewery┬áin a little while. Who doesn’t love brewery tours?! Until next time.

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