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Two dogs and some Scotch

The other day, I was sitting in my office doing some work, when I happened to look up and see two adorable dogs running down my street. It didn’t look as though anyone was actually following them, so as a good Baldwin Park resident, I put on some shoes and ran out to investigate. Next thing I know, I’m chasing these little guys down so they don’t get hit by a car, and they end up being the newest residents of 308 E 41st for a little while. Here they are, looking particularly cute on my couch.


Fast forward to a few hours later, when, through the wonders of Facebook, I managed to find the dog owners. Sad as I was to see these little guys go, it was such a relief to find the owners, and to realize how absolutely ridiculous the world of social media is.

The owner, Maja, was kind enough to bring me a bottle of Scotch to thank me for the whole ordeal. Thanks Maja! Of course, I had to make a cocktail with some scotch to honor the experience.


Amazingly enough, The New Yorker ran an article about a Scotch distillery on the Isle of Islay in the last issue. Everything seems to be coming up Scotch these days. So a Scotch cocktail was clearly in order.

Isle of IslayIsle of Islay

*2 parts Scotch (this Tomatin that Maja brought me is quite lovely)
*1 part Bauchant (or Grand Marnier)
*2 parts apple juice
*1 part grapefruit juice
*1/2 part fresh squeezed lemon juice
*Dash of aromatic bitters

This is my first experience making a cocktail with Scotch, and I have to say, I might be hooked. Some people might feel it’s blasphemous, but I say no. Scotch is fantastic on it’s own, but it also deserves its rightful place in the mixed drink world. And this cocktail above is a great start.

On another note, I am currently taking a page from the world of the lovely blog, Boozed and Infused, and infusing myself some limoncello.

Limoncello Infusing

If you haven’t seen Alicia’s blog, it’s full of incredible booze infusions that I can’t wait to test out. I’ll report back on the limoncello – I’m expecting deliciousness.

I’m off to Atlanta for the rest of the week. I’m planning on keeping the blog going during my trip – I’m not quite sure what my posts will entail, but I have a feeling they’ll have a lot to do with eating awesome stuff in the greater Atlanta area. Happy Monday, everyone! I’ll be back soon.

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