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I’m kind of in love with this stuff.

Root beer booze! Just totally delicious.

Although, to be completely honest…I haven’t quite cracked the code on it yet. It’s great on the rocks. And I’ve splashed it into some cocktails, which seems to work quite well. I just can’t seem to find that perfect drink that uses this as a base. I figure some Root Egg Nog might really kick some ass, but with it being 70 degrees out here in New York City, egg nog is completely out of the question. So, the search continues.

Still, the folks at Art in the Age┬áseem like they have a few other delicious tricks up their sleeves. Ginger Snap? Rhubarb?! You’re doing good work over there in Philadelphia, Art in the Age. And as fortune would have it, I’m on my way to Philly this weekend. I sense a Rhubarb Gimlet in my future.

Anyway, since I’m not yet fantastic enough to come up with a delicious Root drink, I figure I should post another creation. Here she goes:

The Rambler

1 part Hendricks Gin (Hendricks is really the only gin I’ll accept in anything)

1/2 part Aperol

1 part seltzer

Splash of ginger tea

Dash of orange bitters

Lemon twist

Now that’s a 70 degrees in March kind of drink! Up next. Champagne cocktails. Yes indeed.