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A bloody twist

Honestly, I can’t believe I haven’t posted a bloody mary recipe on this blog yet. It’s shameful, really, considering it’s tied with a Manhattan for my absolute favorite drink in the world. And I mix a damn good one, if I do say so myself.

Well, that all changes today, dammit! As always, in the spirit of adventuring, I tried to put my own little twist on the traditional bloody, and it actually turned out to be sort of a big twist, considering I’ve ditched the vodka for something else entirely – gin and bourbon (yes, both!)

Before you start gasping in my general direction though, hear me out! This particular bloody concoction will not disappoint, I promise. And if you’re really that much of a purist, you could, technically, use vodka here instead of the gin and bourbon. And it would still taste delicious, yes. But where’s the fun in that?! Trust me – you’re gonna love this.

So, without further ado…

A Bloody TwistA Bloody Twist

*2 parts Hendricks gin
*1 part bourbon (Bulleit, please!)
*4 parts tomato juice
*1 part worcestershire sauce
*1 part creamy horseradish (more on this below)
*1 part olive juice
*1/2 part lime juice
*Tony Chachere’s Original Creole Seasoning
*Garlic salt

Alright, I know it’s a lot. But, unlike a lot of other drink recipes, I think bloody marys benefit from throwing a bunch of shit together.

A few notes here:
-The spices at the bottom are a little up to your discretion. I like mine really spicy, so I put a good amount of all of the hot sauce and spicy spices in there. And go easy on the garlic salt, but not the cumin.
-Honestly, I’m surprising myself my listing creamy horseradish here instead of the traditional horseradish. But over the years, I’ve come to accept that the creamy horseradish is superior in a bloody mary. It adds just a touch of sweetness, and it makes the drink a little less chunky. So just go with it.

I love how the gin and bourbon complement each other here. The gin adds some bite, and the bourbon really deepens the flavor palette. All in all, I think it’s pretty spectacular. As with all of my brunchy cocktails, feel free to use this to impress friends.

Until tomorrow!

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Sage wisdom

Holy crap, you guys. Look at what I just got in the mail.


The fine, fine folks over at Art in the Age (AITA) were gracious enough to send me a bottle of this absolutely outstanding spirit since I can’t seem to find it anywhere here in Savannah just yet.

I was already a huge fan of Art in the Age before this whole experience. Snap and Root are an absolute fixture in this Savannah household, and I’ve raved about AITA’s wares before. I honestly didn’t think that it was possible that I’d like Sage better than my beloved Snap or Root…I’m such a fan of both that I figured Sage would be fantastic, but it might not quite live up.

Well it lived up, and then some. I think it’s the best thing that AITA has produced. They classify it as a “garden gin” which apparently means “gin on steroids.” Tasty, tasty steroids. I mean, just listen to this incredible list of ingredients:

Neutral Spirit, Elderberry, Pine, Black Tea, Rose, Dry Orange Peel, Cubeb, Angelica, Sage, Lavender, Spearmint, Dandelion, Thyme, Sumac, Rosemary, Licorice Root and Fennel

It’s fantastic for sipping – complex, intense, with an amazing fennel finish, all without being too in your face. I’m incredibly impressed.

And lordy, does it do well in a cocktail. I imagine there will be many Sage cocktails in this blog’s future, but for now, I think I really hit a home run with this first one.

Saged to PerfectionSour Sage Gimlet

*3 parts Sage
*1 part St. Germain
*2 parts fresh-squeezed lemon juice
*1 part Simple & Spicy (click on the link for the easy recipe)

Shake that all up with a few cubes of ice and you’ll be in Sage heaven. I was almost going to call this “Saged to Perfection” but ultimately, I didn’t think that a terrible play on words did this drink – and Sage – the justice it deserves.

Now, I know some of you purists out there are going to make the note that a gimlet technically is made with lime juice. But I found that lemon juice works better here, and I’m sticking to my guns.

Anyway, try it. It’s really terrific. And dammit, go out and buy some Art in the Age spirits! I cannot recommend them highly enough. Special thanks to Allison from Quaker City Mercantile – the company behind AITA. She really went out of her way to be accommodating and all around awesome when I asked for a Sage sample. I loved AITA before, and now I basically won’t be shutting up about how fantastic the company is for a long long time. So please support them!

Until next time folks.

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A quick one

Just a quick one today, as I’m frantically cleaning the house after this weekend’s chili extravaganza. I also promise to get back to the Sicilian rice balls very soon. But today, it’s Cocktail Tuesday! So let’s do this.

This one is a little different, given the chocolate bitters involved. But it’s very tasty, nonetheless.

Chocolate Lime Rickey

Chocolate Lime Rickey

*1 part gin (as always, use Hendrick’s, for your own good!)
*1/2 part Bauchant (you can use Grand Marnier here instead, if need be)
*1 part apple juice (use the fancy stuff guys)
*1 part limeade (also fancy)
*Splash of lemon juice
*A few dashes Aztec chocolate bitters

Be careful with the chocolate bitters. Too much, and the drink will definitely be too sweet. But if you get the balance right, they add a perfect light sweetness that really takes this cocktail over the top.

As always, I shall return tomorrow with more deliciousness. Happy Tuesday, y’all!

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