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Not your ordinary tonic

Holy crap, you guys. I just stumbled across this the other day, and I think it may have changed my life.

Jack Rudy Tonic

Small batch tonic!! It’s FANTASTIC. I can’t really say enough about it. It’s very tart, a little sweet, complex and most importantly, incredibly delicious. Head over to the Jack Rudy Cocktail Company for more info – if this tonic is any indication, they’re wonderful people and deserve a look!

Now, the real intent of this magical elixir is to help make the perfect Gin & Tonic, which I’m quite sure it does. But we here at The Amateur Cocktailer – okay, I’m just one guy, but whatever – are prone to a lot of experimentation, and more importantly, a lot of bourbon love. So I decided to play around, and I must say, what I came up with is something that you maybe will want to drink for the rest of your days.

Bourbon TonicI struggled with the name for a while – seems to be a trend these days – but I decided to go the simple route, with a little homage to the fine people at Jack Rudy’s thrown in.

Rudy’s Bourbon Tonic

2 parts bourbon
1 part Campari
1/2 part Jack Rudy Tonic
A few dashes aromatic bitters
Splash of lemon juice
Orange twist

Shake all the good stuff up, pour it into your favorite glass straight up, and enjoy the hell out of it. I’m pretty thrilled with this one.

More to come soon!!

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