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Strawberry dreams

Before we go any further, if you haven’t tried this absolutely delicious nectar before, stop reading this and go pick some up NOW (and then come back and commence readership).

Abita Strawberry

Abita Strawberry Harvest Lager. My lord. This stuff is just perfect. Really, it’s an absolute pleasure. I know some of you probably don’t really go for the fruit-based beer, but this should be your exception. The strawberry is present and wonderful without being overwhelming. Somehow, the fine folks at Abita found the perfect balance here. Honestly, I don’t usually go for lagers or fruit-based beers. This beer is both of those things and I’m 100% in love with it.

Still, I’m not here to rant on for paragraphs about this magic elixir. I’m here to make cocktails, dammit! And boy, does Abita Strawberry make for a gooood cocktail base. So here ya go:

Springtime in NOLASpringtime in NOLA

*1 part bourbon
*4 parts Abita Strawberry Harvest Lager
*1 part grapefruit juice (go fancy!)
*Splash of lime juice
*Dash of aromatic bitters

I love this cocktail. It allows the beer to shine it’s strawberry light, and yet the bourbon really hangs in there and manages to come through. And somehow, they both compliment each other. All in all, it’s a light, delicious fare that goes down easily – something you can drink on your porch as you dream of New Orleans in all its glory.

That’s all for now. Hope y’all are having a great Monday. More soon!

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