Clowning around

Yes folks. It’s time again for yet another beer review! I know you’re excited.

Today’s offering comes from our fine friends at Clown Shoes Brewery. Gregg Berman and his cohorts from Massachusetts have been in operation for less than 4 years, and it’s pretty astounding what they’ve accomplished in that amount of time. I reviewed their fantastic Brown Angel a while back, and now it’s time for the equally delightful Hoppy Feet 1.5, which was created as a sort of celebration of their first year of successful operation.

Clown Shoes Hoppy Feet 1-5

First, the nose. It’s definitely heavy in its sweetness, with a very healthy scent of caramel. It’s such a powerful scent, in fact, that I literally caught a whiff immediately after opening the bottle.

And now the main event. This is a “Double Black India Pale Ale”. Now, full disclosure…I LOOOOVE Black IPAs. They’re probably my favorite. So excuse my gushing, but this shiz is fantastic. Honestly, it’s tough for me to describe. The tastes are surprisingly hard to pin down. There’s a strong but delicate sweetness to it at the front, and it definitely finishes quite bitter. But in between all of that, there are a bunch of things going on that I can’t quite pinpoint. There are definitely some caramel notes. What is that spice? Coriander?! And a little bit of orange peel? And when I swish it around a little, I even get some hints of butter. Crazy.

All in all, I’m doing a terrible job of describing this spectacular beer. But just know that it’s spectacular. I think it’s the best Black IPA I’ve ever had. So if you ever run across any Clown Shoes products, do yourself a favor and grab several bottles. Your taste buds will thank you, I promise.

Until next time, kids.

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