The Pimm’s of Summer

Sorry for the notable absence from this here blog lately. I’ve been both working hard and enjoying the hell out of this summer we’re having down here in the South. Last night ended with a pretty amazing sunset swim in the ocean. In case you were wondering, yes, it’s pretty damn sweet living here.

ANYwho…speaking of summer, in my opinion, no summer is complete without a damn good Pimm’s Cup. And I think I’ve whipped up about the perfect one. So instead of rambling on here, I’m just going to get to it.

Perfect Pimm's CupPerfect Pimm’s Cup

*2 parts Pimm’s No. 1
*1/2 part gin (Hendrick’s, naturally)

*1/2 part brown sugar simple syrup
*Cucumber slices
*Lemon slices
*Dash of aromatic bitters
*2 parts ginger beer (Goya ginger beer is AWESOME)
*1 part seltzer

First off, for the brown sugar simple syrup, take equal parts dark brown sugar and water, and heat until the sugar is dissolved. Easy as pie.

Once you’ve made your syrup, slice up some cucumber and lemon and muddle. Then toss the Pimm’s, gin, simple syrup, muddled cucumber & lemon, and bitters together in a shaker with some ice.

Pimm's in Shaker

Shake that all up and pour into your favorite large-ish glass. Add the ginger beer and seltzer. And believe me when I say that Goya brand ginger beer is something special. It’s super spicy and entirely delicious.

Finally, make a few more cucumber and lemon slices, toss them into the glass, and give it a quick stir.

Now, most importantly, drink up! We had some on the beach last evening, and boy did they go down easy. It’s really the perfect summer beverage.

More soon, folks. Enjoy the weather!

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