Beer, Part 4

It’s beer time again, folks!! And I’ve decided to double down on the Dogfish. I wanted to highlight a beer from a different craft brewery every day this week, but Dogfish Head’s wares are just too tasty. And boy, did I find another absolutely splendid offering from them.

This, my friends, is Chateau Jiahu:

Chateau Jiahu

This is Dogfish Head’s attempt to recreate an ancient recipe from Northern China…from 9,000 years ago!! And if this recreation is any indication, those Northern Chinese folks were living in style.

First of all, the nose. It’s very light to the smell. Definitely some hints of honey and sake, and a bit of fruit that I can’t really place, which I’m assuming is the hawthorn fruit with which this was brewed. The scent is pleasant, sweet, and by no means overpowering.

But enough with the smell – let’s drink this shiz! This spectacular concoction tastes almost like a slightly sweet sparkling wine. It’s complex and yet very light on the tongue, starting off with a blast of intense flavor and some sweetness, which mellows out quickly into a much drier and yet fruitier taste. And like a good wine, it actually benefits from swishing it around in your mouth once in a while. I find that, most of the time, the flavors get all muddled when I do this, but this beer actually lends itself to it.

All in all, I think it’s fantastic. It’s sweet, but not too sweet, light, but not too light, and it takes like sparkling wine!! So that makes it a winner in my book.

And I just had another sip…damn, it’s really, really good! I’d say the Immort Ale scores a little higher, but this isn’t all that far behind. Again, I’m a big fan, but I suppose it’s no surprise, given how much I tend to love everything that Dogfish Head has to offer.

Until tomorrow folks – one day left in the craft beer extravaganza!

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