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Red, White and Green

Hey all you happy-it’s-Friday people out there. I’m shockingly busy these days, despite not having a paying job, so I’m gonna make this one quick, but I wanted to give you all a delicious cocktail to finish out the week with.

I guess I’m on an Amaro kick lately. It’s so herbally delicious, even though herbally isn’t actually a word that exists in nature. But it sounds good, so I’m just running with it.

So, without much further ado, here’s my latest concoction made with that delightful, Italian liqueur. Without even trying, I’ve managed to celebrate two countries with red, white and green flags with this here cocktail. Tequila and Amaro, magically paired for your enjoyment. Anywho, here it is.

Italian MargaritaItalian Margarita

*1 part tequila blanco (Espolon is great for the price)
*1/2 part Amaro (again, Montenegro is deelicious)
*1 part apple juice
*1 part OJ
*Splash of lemon juice
*2 dashes of plum bitters
*Splash of seltzer

Mix it all together, except the soda of course, and shake it like you mean it. Pour in your glass of choice, top off with a little soda, and your Friday just got a little better!

Until next week!

Egg cream?!

For those of you who haven’t spent much time in New York, you may not be aware of the strange phenomenon that is the beverage known as an egg cream. Despite what you may think, egg creams contain neither cream nor eggs. Discuss. Depending on where you were, the drink consisted of either vanilla syrup (New York) or chocolate syrup (Brooklyn), combined with milk and soda water. You got me.

There are various theories on how the name came about, but I never really cared that much for this particular beverage in the first place, so let’s leave that aside for the egg cream historians to quibble over.

In the meantime, I’ve created my own, pretty fantastic, completely different version of an egg cream, and lo and behold, it actually has egg in it! Plus, it’s got booze! So really, how can you complain?

Georgia Egg Cream

*1 part Root (check it out here if you haven’t heard me rave about it before)
*1/2 part Amaro (Amaro Montenegro is quite lovely)
*1 part OJ
*1 egg white
*Splash of lemon juice
*Few dashes of aztec chocolate bitters

Okay, so there’s nothing particularly Georgian about this drink, but I created it in Georgia, so just go with me here. Anyway, put all this good stuff together in a cocktail shaker and go to town. Shaking vigorously will give you that nice foam on the top that you see in the photo to your right.

This is an absolutely perfect after-dinner cocktail. I plan on making my new friends here in Savannah like me even more by having them over for a dinner party and then wowing them with this drink. Really, all kidding aside, I’m totally happy with this one, and I promise it’ll impress your guests.

More soon! I’ve been busy working on a project out on Tybee Island, so my cocktail making adventures have taken a bit of a backseat, but I’m trying hard to get back on the blog train. So hopefully you few but loyal readers will have another post sooner rather than later. I’ll at least do a few more before the Mayans come down from space and wipe us all out.

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In this time of giving thanks, I’d like to give thanks to the fine people at Roullet-Fransac for blessing us with this:

Bauchant. It’s delightful. It’s described on the bottle as “a blend of fine cognac and orange essence.” It’s fantastic when just sipped by itself on the rocks, but it also makes for a killer cocktail ingredient if used in proper moderation. Too much, and the sweetness of it might overwhelm. But just the right amount, and you’ll feel like you’re basking in the sun of the French countryside.

Not surprisingly, I came up with a cocktail that features this lovely liqueur. And it’s kind of perfect for Thanksgiving – a little sweet, a little more warm, with some spicy holiday hints. If you’re looking for that extra little thing to impress your Thanksgiving day guests, this will surely do the trick. So here it is!!

Merci Beaucoup

*1 part Snap
*1/2 part Bauchant
*1 part lemonade (Simply Lemonade is great – you know, the fancy stuff)
*1 part apple juice (more fancy stuff!)
*2 splashes of Fernet-Branca
*A few dashes of plum bitters
*1/2 part seltzer

Shake everything up, sans the seltzer, pour into a highball glass, add the seltzer, and enjoy! Sorry – I know most of the ingredients here are a little obscure and not something that everyone has close at hand, but I like to experiment!

Anywho, I hope all of you have a fantastic Thanksgiving. I’ll be back in full force after the tryptophan wears off.


Allow me to get political here for one second before I move to more important things like mixing cocktails.

I’m thrilled, amazed, and definitely relieved over last nights election results. Of course, Obama’s win is huge and I’m incredibly grateful that he won. But it’s the slightly smaller results that have me extra jazzed on this Wednesday afternoon. Marriage equality in Maine and Maryland! More women in the House than ever before! The first openly gay senator!! And, holy crap, outright marijuana legalization in not one, but TWO states?! Seriously. This is what progress looks like. I don’t get patriotic that often, but damn, if that doesn’t make me love America and think that we just might not be done yet with being the greatest country in the world. All of it is astonishing and gets me a little choked up thinking about it.

Okay! I’m done now. Moving onto delicious cocktails now, I promise.

This delicious election-themed cocktail is guaranteed to either drown your election day sorrows over Mitt Romney’s loss or lift your spirits in the wake of Mr. President’s triumph. It really reaches across the aisle. I call it Red State Blues (slightly ironic, I know, considering I live in a red state these days). Anyway, here it is!

Red State Blues

*2 parts bourbon
*1/2 part Campari
*1/2 part Esprit de June
*2 parts cranberry juice
*1 part cream soda (Jones Soda is awesome and you should all try it)
*1 part seltzer
*Splash of lemon juice
*Dash of aromatic bitters

Shake all of it except the fizzy stuff together, pour it into a glass and top it off with the cream soda and seltzer. It might not be the official White House beer, but I think Obama would enjoy it nonetheless. 4 more years!!

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