My first creation

In the annals of history, I may not end up contributing a whole lot on a grand scale. But when it’s all said and done, I think my greatest contribution to society may be this:

I call it the Irish Wolfhound, and it’s the first drink I’ve ever completely made up on my own. Now I’m sure that someone has made this drink at some point in history, but I’ve got it DOWN. Plus the name is just perfect (thanks to my friend Michael Terry for that particular stroke of genius). Here’s how to make it – and bear with me! Some people think it sounds like it might not work. Trust me. It works. Here it is.


1 part Jameson
1 part grapefruit juice (make sure it’s the good stuff – from concentrate will ruin the drink)
1/2 part club soda
Lime for garnish (optional)

Simple and delicious. And if you don’t already know, Jameson is just fantastic in most drinks.

I think a coworker of mine said it best – “Man, I feel terrible this morning after drinking fucking Irish Wolfhounds all night!” Ringing endorsement!

And for those who want a little bit of sweetness, here’s a different take on the new classic.


1 part Jameson
1 part grapefruit juice
1 part ginger ale
2/3 passion

We’ll get to my love of infusing things for drinks in another post, but know that a little bit of passion tea (particularly the Starbucks variety) goes a long way in making a killer cocktail.

That’s all for now, kids. More soon! 



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